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Sunday 23rd October

5pm-8pm (UK time)

Dear Brothers

Do you want to understand the women and people in your life that bleed; your partner, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues? Having an understanding of the menstrual cycle is your golden ticket to understanding the changing nature of people that menstruate.

In this 3 hour workshop on Zoom, you will be introduced to a simple framework that will help you to understand the changing hormones and energies that a woman and those that bleed experiences throughout their cycle.You will get to meet the dynamic nature of the feminine. Four very distinct flavours that shifts as they moves through the cycle. From soft and playful, to open hearted and extroverted, to wild and potent, surrendered and inwards.This will be a space for you to ask questions, share experiences, receive support and be offered a new frame to view the menstrual cycle in a completely new light.

Investment for this workshop:
* Choose a price that reflects your income: £20 // £30 // £40
(£1.50 booking fee)
* 2 concessionary tickets are available upon request
The time of this workshop is 5pm-8pm UK time – please check your time zone so that you can attend this workshop.

I was so excited when I saw the ‘Men and the Menstrual Cycle’ workshop advertised; I booked in straight away! The whole workshop was amazing and wow, they know their stuff! … the workshop was jam-packed with tonnes of juicy goodness. As a partner, lover, son and father, I’m so grateful for the insights gained through their teaching and I can’t wait to bring more love and awareness to my relationships as a result!


I’m just wanting to give the deepest gratitude and appreciation for helping us men folk get a bit more clued up on the monthly cycle of womb owners. It’s been very liberating and beneficial, I found this such a useful interpretation for me to follow, and to have more awareness around the flow of emotional, hormonal and physical shifts as the Cycle mature’s and renews itself through the weeks.


Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the enthusiasm, love and care you brought into the workshop yesterday. It was quite a paradigm shift and the way you held the space made it fun and easy to digest. Feeling deeply inspired and grateful

MathijsThe Netherlands

One of the most important things that has changed my life in my relationships !!! I SO recommend it if you want to better understand, respect and relate with the women in your life !!!


I feel profoundly touched by the work that Eshana and Ayla Willow do - I love the feminine flow of their presentations. I am very inspired by the deep authentic sharing and being in the presence of genuine and committed menfolk is also extremely rewarding. I feel that Eshana and Ayla Willow offer profound gifts which I’m grateful for. I'm eager to learn more.”


Ever since my partner attended 'Men & the Menstrual Cycle', it’s like he’s become psychic. He knows when I’m my most active, when I’m motivated and firing on full cylinders and knows when to leave me alone, he knows how to support me on the different wobble days throughout my cycle. It's SEXY!!! when my man knows about my cycle and adapts his relating to my needs.


“Sounds like you just held a powerful life changing workshop – my partner is super lit up and inspired”


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