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My sexuality is the deep inter-connection between my heart, body, mind, emotions and emergent soul. Sexual energy is the potent life force that moves through me, it's my vibrancy and creativity, my connection with nature and the source of energy that weaves it’s way through everything.

My calling in life is to support people to embrace the natural beauty and power of their sexuality in a safe and loving way. Welcoming and nourishing the different aspects of our inner world so that we can return to our innate wholeness.

I am a trauma informed Psychosexual Somatics Coach, Menstrual Educator and Sexual Health Outreach Officer for the NHS.

I’ve got much experience within the field of sexuality; from supporting adults to get to the emotional root of their sex and intimacy challenges, to teaching sexual health to year 9 students in schools in South London and managing a Sexual Health Drop In Service and LGBTQ+ group for young people in an area of deprivation in Surrey.

I’m also incredibly passionate about Menstrual Cycle Awareness – it is a framework of embodiment and cyclical living that absolutely changed my life. I deliver fun and interactive workshops that anchors the work into the body as well as running groups for men to understand the women and people in their life that bleed.

I am fascinated by the nervous system, absolutely adore dancing and singing and connecting with my Beloved friends across the many different communities I have been involved in throughout the years. All whilst embracing the power and vulnerability of life, holding it all in my heart with such tenderness and care.

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