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Soulful Saturday Snuggles

Saturday 2nd July – 5.45pm – 9pm

West Hampstead, London

Animal Snuggles

Thursday 4th – 15th August

Rumble Festival


Join us for some soulful heart warming snuggles. Dropping out of our over active minds and into the stillness of being. Our bodies relaxing as we exhale and hearts softening as we’re physically held and supported by one another. Encouraging the sweet spot of nervous systems regulation so that we can drop into deeper connection with ourselves and loving presence with each other.

The first half of this workshop is all about nervous system health and boundaries. In this space you will;

– Learn how to spot the tell-tale signs of where you are in your nervous system
– Understand how to support your nervous system to come into a place of regulation
– Learn how to resource and nourish yourself, anchoring an embodied sense of inner safety
– Discover and express when you have clear embodied YES and NO to being in connection with another person.

In the second half of the workshop there will be SNUGGLES of different varieties, shapes and colours. In this space you will;

– Explore ways to get your physical connection needs met when alone
– Be invited into your receptive yin nature, being held in surrender
– Experience different ways to be nourished by another person through physical connection

All exercises will be an invitation for you to tap into your deepest longings for connection in each moment, coming out of auto pilot and experiencing your authentic yes and no. This might look like:
– Being in self intimacy for the whole workshop and staying out of physical connection
– Having someone stroke your hair
– Being the big spoon for someone
– Being in the centre of a cuddle puddle
– Massaging someones hand
– Resting in eye gazing

This workshop will be a non sexual space, where physical connection will be offered from a heart centred place of nurture, love and support.

A lateral flow test will be required on the day of the event

….May the snuggles commence!

“I came away feeling so soft, relaxed and smiley. You held the space so beautifully, softly and clearly and even when I felt at my edges I was able to stay more peacefully with them. It felt really magical and expansive.”


From snuggle participants