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When I discovered that Aradhana of Enchanted Chocolate had created Moon Chocolate with the invitation to “enchant your moon cycle with raw chocolate medicine with herbs and superfoods to support the seasons of the menstrual cycle”, I was first in line to get mine. I’ve never been so excited for day one of my cycle to begin. Enchanted Chocolate in one hand and Wild Power in the other, I embark on a journey, tracking my cycle and re-aligning with my values. Using the energy from the specially selected ingredients to inspire and power me through my month.

Day One of Winter –New Beginnings 

How you bleed sets the tone for the whole of your cycle – Wild Power

Day one is a favourite of mine, a release of tension and stepping into bliss. My physical energy is low, I’m sleepy and yet my life-force energy has been reignited. Energy swirling around in a circular motion throughout my body. I’m excited about the new cycle of body wisdom and divine intelligence to flow through me this month- and so close to the end of 2018, letting all that was go and being in the unknown of 2019.

I stop and take my first slice of ‘Love Heart’ chocolate. A velvety,guilt free sweet treat after a Christmas of indulgence. A warm soothing hug in a bar. Taking time to stop, be present with myself and the sensation of the chocolate.

Love Heart is described as:

An invitation to nurture yourself, to nourish your self love. The energetic quality of this bar is to warm the heart and activate the root chakra and legs, so it gives a grounded sense of heart – a great recipe for feminine empowerment.

And so there we have it, my intention is set for the next six days of winter: nurture, grounding, self love and resting in my heart.   

Day Two

The cosiness of my duvet sets the tone for my day – dressing myself in soft fabrics, moving slowly, talking quietly, sitting in stillness. A sense of calm. The busy mind chatter of autumn has subsided – a deep inner rest. It’s like my inner critic, perfectionist and pusher knows of this sacred time and are relieved to bask in this quiet space.

Day Three – Visioning

The juicy part of my bleed – download after download of what I want to step towards – how I want my life to be – visioning my future. On new years day too, Happy New Year! I reach for my ‘Love Heart’ chocolate to assist me through this special moment, being held with love and feeling the support of my sisters behind me. The chocolate stops me in my tracks. I move my hands away from the keyboard, sit back in my chair and let the chocolate melt in my mouth. ‘Love Heart’ has the superfood ingredient Maca to “balance hormones, promote libido, energy and stamina”. Yes to all of those things, but mostly a big YES to the end of doing and entering into being.

Day Four

Groooooooooooowl – a day of grrrrrness, irritability, tension in my body, shallow breathing. This big shift in energy makes me enquire what’s underneath all this angst – unsurprisingly my frightened inner child needed some love and attention.

Day Five

An hour of breathwork to brake me out of my shell, body shaken and opened and moved into spontaneous yoga postures – it’s so much fun being me. A return to my true nature, my flowing state of being ❤

Day Six – Crossover Day

Today is the space between winter and spring – the crossover – or as I call the “wobble day” – allowing my tears to flow. Feeling the challenge of being a nomad and not having a base, walking away from old friendships and old career, feeling lonely on this path of following my heart, how did I get to be here? Crying all of this out to a friend who just listens and reflects my words, doesn’t try to fix me, encourages the words to flow until I’m empty. The space clears the decks and allows me to come home to myself. This is my true home base. I enjoy the last piece of chocolate with a lovely cup of tea and collapse on this temporary sofa. Spring ready to emerge….

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