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I’ve been reading an awesome book called Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister and it has been inspiring the pants off of me. For example she say’s that feelings, you know…emotions, are SUPER POWERS. Damn right they are, I love that, why on earth would I want to mask my feelings when they are super powers? But what really gets me going is her explanation of the deep wisdom a woman stores in her body, in her womb space and the intuition that can be tapped in to throughout her menstrual cycle. Connecting with my intuition always felt quite abstract but her explanation makes SO.MUCH.SENSE.

Essentially all that crazy lady shit you go through in the second phase of your cycle is your body’s way of sending you messages to make you pay attention to what needs to be seen/heard.

They will show you where you are not taking a stand, where boundaries are being crossed, they’ll show you what you need to let go of and what no longer serves you… If you don’t listen to these cues then they will show up as physical problems or manifest in your outer life through a crisis or drama in order to get your attention.

So as I reflect on the past 6 months of PMT meltdowns and think about what clues I ignored I am literally sat here with my eyes and mouth wide open. Lisa explains that our body’s are constantly downloading messages to help us feel more centred.

The more skillful we are at picking up our own signals, listening to our wombs and feeling our feelings, the more we can take action from a place of power.

She suggests a whole bunch of reflection exercises which make me want to jump up and down on my bed with excitement. Please read the book, it may not not all resonate with you but the chapter on periods is particularly spectacular. And when you are done with that you can move on to Vagina and then Animal. And if you haven’t started using a Mooncup yet, then maybe now is the time to reconsider.

So I’m feeling like a powerhouse of womanly awesomeness tonight. Maybe it’s because I am reading books about ladies, labia and love. Or perhaps it’s because I have moved in with a tribe of incredible women that are inspiring and super cool. Or it might have something to do with the mind blowing tantra workshops I have attended over the past few months (another blog for another time) but all of the YESNESS…the Goddess in me is rising.

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