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Using the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn to track my menstrual cycle has been life changing. Recognising that each season brings a different quality, a different energy, different gifts to cultivate, a knowing of what to stay aligned with and what to let go of has been vital in supporting my wellbeing. I used to think I was ‘supposed’ to be consistently one way throughout my month. When I read that women are not linear and are cyclical beings, a huge weight of relief was released from my shoulders. Being up and down is actually my normal, being introverted at one part of the month and being wild and outward at another time is my normal. Being super happy one day and crying my eyes out the next is my normal. Being bold in the world and then feeling anxious is my normal…. and mostly all correlates with where I am in my cycle.

Day Seven – Tenderly Emerging from my Cave 

(Read about my Winter – days one to six here)

I just love how Spring is described in Wild Power…like a newly hatched chick, you need time to find your footing in the bright lights of the world…cherishing this tender self. I spent the morning lazing in front of the fire drifting in and out of sleep, allowing time for rest so that I can slowly and tenderly emerge from my winter cave. After a nourishing lunch, I step outside into the cold crisp air and go for a walk with a bar of ‘Playful’ chocolate in my pocket.

The energetic signature of this bar is like a smile in the heart, which rises to the lips and you can’t help smiling. Where will your innocent heart and smile lead you today?

My heart and friend guide me to the top of a steep hill, we see a bench and rest our legs, pour a cup of Rooibos tea and savour the chocolate – which indeed brings a smile to our face. Like the seasons of the cycle, this chocolate has a different flavour and texture to ‘Love Heart’ of Winter. ‘Playful’ gave me a gentle lift with its blend of Peruvian criollo cacao and ‘Keith’s Cacao’, a ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala. The chocolate buzz carrying me through the wonder of the Welsh countryside and back to a warm and inviting home.

Day Eight – Easy Does It

I’m needing slowness, space, quiet, incubating my newness in the world. When I’m feeling vulnerable I can fixate on my perceived body imperfections. Noticing this and sending forgiveness to every fibre of my being.

Day Nine

My sexual energy is flowing, a shift in gear, a remembering of who I am underneath my conditioning. Passion ignited, my energy moving outwards, feeling alive, allowing the pleasure of the chocolate to play with me and activates my energy further. I indulge in a passionate inquiry into sexuality/spirituality the female body and love. Yes to the world!

Day Ten – Here I am

I woke up happy, I’m in my no this morning, sending and replying to emails that I have been putting off. This chick has hatched out of her shell. I’m exploring my world with curiosity – a whole workshop of ideas streaming from my mind and onto paper, my imagination and possibility ignited – true qualities of Spring and Playful chocolate. I celebrate with a juicy playlist, chocolate in mouth and dance around the living room – celebrating my body, my place in the world, my sexiness my aliveness.

Playful is no ordinary chocolate it contains:

  • Maca which promotes labido, brings energy and stamina.
  • Reishi mushroom extract which supports the immune system
  • Purple corn extract for focus and intuition
  • Ashwagandha for vigour, vitality and strength….perfect for going out adventuring in Spring.
  • Rhodiola for improving energy, strength and mental capacity
  • Suma which promotes altruism, compassion and bringing a deeper sense of fulfilment and appreciation of the world

When I look at this epic list of superfood ingredients and my current state of being, I’d say the chocolate is working its magic.

Day 11 – Crossover Day

Feeling articulate, like I can fully express myself and my passion. Fueled with a drive to understand the truth of what it means to occupy this female body. I’m full of love and generous in my giving ❤ I recieve an invitation to speak at an event called ‘Brighton Talks Sex‘ and share my story of Chocolate, Sex and My Cycle. I’m so excited. Huge energy flooding my body and I feel a little ungrounded with all the excitement so I go for a walk. I love the theme of this crossover day as described in Wild Power:

As you cross from pre-ovulation to ovulation there’s one crucial task for you to do: say ‘yes’ to yourself, to an idea, to something. The cycle is asking you to firm up and commit to whatever it is you’re going to pour your summer energy into.

I’d say it’s pretty damn accurate – I’ve got heaps of ideas flooding in and it’s important for me to focus my attention so that I don’t feel like I’m running around like a headless chicken. Needing to find space to stop, create silence so a clear and simple plan can emerge. ‘Playful’ chocolate activates me more, lots of energising properties in this yummy bar of deliciousness- so instead I let it all go and have the biggest, heart and sex opening ecstatic dance in Bristol. Excited about what summer holds…..

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

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