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Yuuuuum to ovulation and basking in the fullness of ourselves….
But wait….
What if you are not in a position to utilise the wonderful outward energy of this time?
At ovulation (half way through the menstrual cycle) our sex hormones, oestrogen and testosterone are at thier peak, they are literally willing us to be in connection with others.
I specifically try to plan things around this time so that I will get my connection needs met. Spending time with friends, cuddles, making love, dancing, singing. Anything that leaves a fulfilled sense of connection and play.
This month, I wasn’t in a position to do those things. My heart felt it, my body felt it, the fullness of my sexuality felt it. When my emotional and physical connection needs go unmet, this has a deep impact on my psyche. I felt my mood drop a little and knew that the source of this dip was about a lack of connection. This meant that I could hold myself in this place and explore how to nourish myself instead.
Luuuuuuckily, the spaciousness from being out of connection with others, meant that I birthed a new project idea. Phew, didn’t have to stew in the yuckiness for too long. Hurrah. And so I poured this abundant energy into my work. Again, I totally recognised the amazing ability of how my cycle can bring forth new ideas and creativity so I could nurture this process further.
There are absolute gifts in each quadrant of the menstrual cycle. Once you get an understanding of the framework, each day becomes a playground with your inner world.
All of the love to you x

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