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Psychosexual Somatics Coaching

Psychosexual Somatic Coaching supports you to get to the emotional root of your sex and intimacy challenges

In Psychosexual Somatics Coaching and Therapy (PST) we believe that all sexual challenges have an underlying emotional root cause.

It is only by addressing both the mind, emotions and the body, and by re-regulating the nervous system, that issues can be fully resolved. Therefore, PST is not so much about learning fancy quick tricks to become orgasmic or to last for hours in your love-making.

What PST is about is supporting you to explore your sexuality; to understand how your past could be impacting your present, how your ability to hold boundaries could be impacting your body, how your nervous system could be impacting your sense of safety.

PST is about gently increasing your capacity to be in your body and feel, whilst learning to lovingly be with all aspects of yourself. The process involves getting in touch with your emotional landscape in a slow and safe way so that you can gently begin to open and experience your vibrancy, power and the life-force that fuels your sexuality.

Psychosexual Somatics Coaching and Therapy begins with a sexual history assessment where we start to unravel your patterns and beliefs.

The PST process starts with a 60 – 90 minute Sexual History Assessment. This is where the light bulb moments begin to happen and the seeds of change are planted. It will also be an opportunity to see if we are the right fit to work with each other.

Following the assessment, individual sessions last 60 minutes and take place on Zoom on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I hold a boundaried therapeutic space, working at a slow and gentle pace that is trauma informed.

In PST sessions clients remain fully clothed, it is a therapeutic talking space which involves embodiment practices. I do not offer touch during our time together, however I hold space for you to tune into your somatic bodily sensations which is a less invasive yet potent practice.

All sessions are confidential. There are two occasions where I will pass on information:

  • If you share that you are going to physically harm yourself or anyone else. In which case, I will take the appropriate action and disclose the information.
  • I attend monthly supervision where I discuss my case load. All of the client discussions remain anonymous during the supervision. The main purpose of these sessions are for me to receive reflections on my practice so that I can best serve my clients in a safe, boundaried and ethical way.

I am a fully ensured practitioner through Winchester insurance company.

Psychosexual Somatics Coaching and Therapy can support you if you experience any of the following:

  • You’d like to understand yourself and your sexuality more deeply
  • You’d like to become more embodied
  • You’d like to give yourself permission to be a confident sexual being – however that may look for you
  • You experience a lack of desire and arousal
  • You struggle with intimacy
  • You experience sexual shame
  • You have shut down your sexuality
  • Your body image is negatively impacting your sexuality
  • You would like to explore the choice to be a mother on a somatic level
  • You would like to process a termination or miscarriage
  • You find it difficult to identify, express and maintain boundaries
  • You have had a kundalini / energy awakening and want support to ground and build a positive relationship with your energy
  • You have vaginismus, vulvadynia or other vaginal pain
  • You are unable to have an orgasm
  • You experience performance anxiety
  • You would like support processing the impact of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • You experience sexual behaviours that are compulsive and/or out of control including problematic porn use

PST isn’t the right service for everyone.

If you have a psychiatric diagnosis or have addictions such as alcohol or recreational drugs then PST is not the best service to support your journey at this time.

There may be other aspects that arise during the assessment which would mean that we are not suitable to work with each other. For example, if there is a strong positive or negative charge between us or if there are other practitioners that can better support you. In which case this will be discussed within the first 2 sessions.

To get the most out of your PST journey, it will be useful to have some experience of dropping into your body and feeling your emotions. PST can involve deep emotional work so if you are not resourced emotionally or physically, then PST is not the right source of support for you at this time .

Simply pay the amount that reflects your income.

I offer a sliding scale of £50 – £80 a session for online sessions and for in person sessions at my practice in Forest Row.

I believe that this work should be accessible so I offer an option for those on a low income. Contact me to be placed on the waiting list.

I invite clients to pay for two sessions up front first, we then review if we are a good fit and then agree on the remaining number of sessions following the review.

Cancellation Policy

  • Payment is required in full, by bank transfer, within 24 hours of your booking confirmation.
  • Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.
  • Cancellations made with over 24 hours notice are fully refundable.
  • If I need to cancel the appointment, I will give a full refund for the session.

Please agree to the following so that we can create a space that is as supportive as possible

Working Online

  • Be in a confidential space where you will not be overheard
  • Ensure that you will not be interrupted during the session
  • No-one else to be in the same room as you whilst you are in a session
  • Have a decent wifi connection
  • Remain sober for the session – including drugs and alcohol
  • Wear appropriate clothing during the session

Staying Safe

If you are in a domestic abuse situation – you can say the safe word YELLOW or use this hand signal at any time during our call to indicate that you need help.

Psychosexual Somatics Coaching and Psychosexual Somatic Therapy

Online sessions or at my practice in Forest Row.







What They’re Saying

"Eshana brought professionalism, insight and genuine warmth to our work. From the start I felt safe, held and able to show up for a rather tough inquiry for me. Though nervous, I actually looked forward to every session, thanks to Eshana’s supportive guidance! PST was a big step in a longer journey around my relationship with my body and past experience. I was able to connect with what was present in my body in ways I had not done before, and really tune into some pain in ways that were releasing and not excessive. I have walked away with new clarity, different answers than I thought I’d find, and very useful tools that I’ve been using in my everyday. Eshana facilitated a very complete and nourishing journey and I am grateful!"

PST Client

"Eshana was such an enlightening, gentle soul to work with; approaching even the most sensitive of topics with openness, awareness and grace. I recommend Eshana for PST and any other therapy or support. Always approachable and everso easy to talk to, Eshana provides useful information and theories to allow for a better understanding and to enable positive change. Through working with Eshana, I was able to make sense of occurrences within my childhood and connect pieces of the puzzle around aspects of my characteristics. I would work with Eshana again in the future, without hesitation and wish her the very best, with my whole heart."

PST Client

"It was such a joy to work with Eshana, she brings a beautiful balance of deep listening skills, thoughtful response and a wealth of knowledge. I felt completely safe with her and managed to share some very vulnerable parts of myself which she helped me to respond to with love and great care. I thoroughly recommend working with Eshana."

PST Client

"My sessions with Eshana gave me some deep insights into my sexual dynamics with women. Eshana made me feel completely safe and held to be able to express some very intimate details of my personal relationship with my sexual energy and how it manifested in relation to a recent relationship. Also Eshana guided me into feeling into my energy centres in relation to my feelings around sex and enabled me to feel into my masculine sexual power, making some suggestions on how I could bring this power into my relationships in a safe way. Throughout I felt Eshana was sensitive to feeling my energy body and my feelings which enabled her to guide me appropriately for the situation that was being worked on. If you have any sexual issues you would like to explore or work with, I highly recommend Eshana as a therapist, I felt completely held by love and empowered to explore my sexuality in all its details."

PST Client

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