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Celebrating the majesty of the menstrual cycle

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Do you experience overwhelming emotions, irritability, depression, sensitivity, mood swings, anger, anxiety, fearfulness, intolerance, frustration or a heightened inner critic just before your bleed?

Imagine that you had a monthly safe container to release the pre-menstrual angst, tension and emotional overwhelm. Giving yourself full permission to feel what needs to be felt, say what needs to be said and move your body how it needs to be moved. Remember, emotions are energy-in-motion. If you hold onto them and leave them unexpressed without release, they can go stagnant and get stored into that gorgeous body of yours.

Why do I feel so emotional just before my bleed?

During Autumn (the week before your bleed) there is a rise and fall in oestrogen and progesterone levels, this fluctuation in hormones can impact our emotional landscape and produce the symptoms listed above. More interestingly though, the veil between the subconscious mind becomes thinner and more active during the pre-menstrual phase. This means that any blocked, repressed or unresolved emotions will readily come to the surface and into our conscious awareness.

With our heightened clarity, insight and intuition, Autumn is the perfect time to see what needs to be faced, what needs to be cleared, what needs to be released. Quite incredibly, it is an inbuilt filtering and personal growth system. If held in the right way, some real gifts of awareness can take place during Autumn.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above then they are a loud inner alarm, calling you home to yourself, to reflect on the things that are out of alignment with the life you truly want to be living. Perhaps it’ll be a gentle whisper to slow down or it could be a thunderous shake up to initiate some major life changes. It isn’t all about the negative stuff though, you can have bursts of inspiration at this time, recognising what could be improved in your projects and what could work better in your relationships. Either way, your wonderfully wise body and emotions are providing direct feedback, it just takes a little courage to tune in and be with what is communicated.

What happens if I continue to ignore how I’m feeling?

If we don’t pay attention to the emotional feedback in Autumn then it will have a knock on effect into the new cycle. The tension will continue to build, making you more sensitive to others. You can end up taking things out on your partner, kids, friends, colleagues or directing your struggle inwards, cranking up the volume of the inner critic. If we do not release some of the tension during Autumn then our periods can be heavier and uncomfortable, we can experience lower energy levels throughout the month and when we get round to the next cycle, the tension can be amplified even more if the emotions are not properly acknowledged. Imagine how much baggage you have been carrying month after month after month.

Empty Yourself

When you fully empty your emotional container you can start your new cycle afresh. A new you can emerge and expand based on the true life and values you want to live by.  Through the process of Pre-Menstrual Permission, I will compassionately hold a space for you to explore, express and release, without needing to fix or do anything with what arises. If requested, I will guide you to discover what part of your cycle will best support you to take action on your new awareness.

Give yourself permission to be the full expression of who you are, to feel, to release and be reborn each and every month.

“I think we’re so used to being told that PMS is something that’s wrong with us… it was lovely to be told that we’re ALLOWED to feel our emotions. Very enlightening”.

"I think what you do is essential and probably life saving at times. I slept last night and have been using the visualisation to stay grounded. I feel a lot calmer and readier for bleeding when it comes"

Book in for a free 30 minute consultation

In this 2 hour workshop, you will be guided on a fun, embodied and interactive journey through the four inner seasons, exploring movement, art, song and sharing to give you an experiential flavour of each season.

Through the Enchanted Cycles process, you will discover how to use your menstrual cycle to get the most out of your meditation practice, future visioning, thrive in your connections, give yourself permission to open up to pleasure, expand your creativity, master the relationship with your inner critic and release any build up of tension.

“The Enchanted Cycles workshop was a profound journey to self discovery and self care. I discovered so many things about myself and my body. A nourishing adventure which helped me open up to my potential”

Workshop ParticipantInto the Wild Festival

"I came to a workshop you did in January and it was fantastic. I hadnt had a cycle for over 20 months due to pregnancy and feeding. After your workshop I bled the very next day. How incredible!! "

Workshop Participant

‘Winter Inner Season Goddess’ created by the incredible Melanie Ward

Dear Brothers

Do you want to understand the women in your life; your partner, sisters, daughters, friends and colleagues? Having an understanding of the menstrual cycle is your golden ticket to understanding the changing nature of women.

In this 2.5 hour workshop on Zoom, you will be introduced to a simple framework that will help you to understand the changing hormones and energies that a woman experiences throughout her cycle.You will get to meet the dynamic nature of the feminine. Four very distinct flavours that shifts as she moves through the cycle. From soft and playful, to open hearted and extroverted, to wild and potent, surrendered and inwards.This will be a space for you to ask questions, share experiences, receive support and be offered a new frame to view the menstrual cycle in a completely new light.

“I was so excited when I saw the ‘Men and the Menstrual Cycle’ workshop advertised; I booked in straight away! The whole workshop was amazing and wow, they know their stuff! … the workshop was jam-packed with tonnes of juicy goodness. As a partner, lover, son and father, I’m so grateful for the insights gained through their teaching and I can’t wait to bring more love and awareness to my relationships as a result!”


“I’m just wanting to give the deepest gratitude and appreciation for helping us men folk get a bit more clued up on the monthly cycle of womb owners. It’s been very liberating and beneficial, I found this such a useful interpretation for me to follow, and to have more awareness around the flow of emotional, hormonal and physical shifts as the Cycle mature’s and renews itself through the weeks”.


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