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I frickin love the premenstrual time. It brings me closer to my truth.I become more aware of my boundaries, am able to express them and step towards what I need. I have no space for other peoples nonsense. My roots are solid. I’m enjoying my fierceness, my power, my fire. The wild warrior woman.
The premenstrual time is when oestrogen is at its lowest. The nice girl hormone is no longer present. You can see things for how they really are. The rose tinted glasses are off and you cut through the bullshit.
And yet within that I’m tender, my energetic field is expanding as I begin my descent into winter. It feels like my skin is paper thin and have a longing for an extra layer to hold me in protection. Feeling myself, softly and sweetly in my heart and loving myself, vulnerable, naked.
I’m sat in awe as im recognising what my menstrual cycle is demanding of me. I’m intuitively carving out my boundaries in the outer world so that I can retreat into the bliss and wonder of the inner world.

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