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What a difference a day makes….

Ooooof yesterday was one huge day of emotional release. A cracker of a premenstrual day – fiercely confronted by the vulnerability that needed to be felt in my system.

I started the day with an Internal Family System (IFS) session – something that I’ve been finding a great resource and amazing exploration of my inner wonderland.

By the afternoon – tears, more tears and more tears on top of that. When the tears didn’t stop, I got caught by a wonderful friend who gave me some gentle bodywork to help my body empty. Boy oh boy did I empty, face puffy, snotty, eyes streaming empty. A release of what was present, what was past, what was needed to be felt in order to move forward without the emotions clogging up my system.

After I had released, my whole system settled, stillness, silence, completion.

Today – I feel back to centre – what a difference a day makes.

What I am finding time and time again in my coaching practice – is women having a deeper awareness of their patterns and easier access to their emotional landscape – when they are premenstrual. It is a such a potent time those 5 days before you bleed. It takes great courage to be with the emotions that stir at this time, they are wise messengers pointing you in the direction of what is not working in your life.

This is exactly why I created ‘Premenstrual Permission’ – a time where women and people that bleed can access a service that will support them to empty when they feel the tension of their premenstrual time. Letting out the grief, the anger, the frustration, the loss of control. So that they can return to stillness, to inner quietness, to gentleness and restoring wholeness.

If you would like support with your premenstrual time – you can book in for a free 30 minute chat to explore how we can work together.



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