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The Art and Science of Falling in Love

The Art and Science of Falling in Love

With Eshana Spiers & Nicola Foster

A series of three video workshops exploring how our nervous system, attachment styles and hormones affect us when it comes to those early days of dating and relating.

Love is mysterious and at times doesn’t make any sense, which can make dating a rollercoaster ride.

The highs of a potential great match. The lows of an unexpected rejection. The anticipation. The not knowing. The disappointments. The adventures.

This workshop series will teach you the science of love so that you can then make relating an ‘art’ and step towards your new love with a curious and open heart.



In this video we explain how our hormones impact us when we meet someone new. You know those times when you can't stop thinking about your love, you want to spend all of your time with them, you feel excitable and jittery and loose your appetite - this is all because our hormones. The more you can understand the hormonal impact, the more you can be in choice in your relating.

  • The Art and Science of Falling in Love : Part One – Hormones




In this video we will explore different attachment styles and help you to recognise how your attachment style impacts how you relate to other people. Perhaps you notice that you want a lot of connection or that you need a lot of time alone. Whatever your style of connection, we will offer support in how you can move towards secure attachment and nourishing connection.

  • The Art and Science of Falling in Love : Part Two – Attachment



The Nervous System

In this video you will learn all about your nervous system and how this will impact your experience of dating and relating. You will learn several embodiment practices that will support you to come into a place of regulation.

  • The Art and Science of Falling in Love : Part Three – The Nervous System



Buy all 3 videos and save £40!

Buy all 3 videos to support you in your dating and relating adventures.... and save money whilst you do it.

  • The Art and Science of Falling in Love: Full Package



Nicola and Eshana are excellent in facilitating this most useful and affirmative introductory course. With skill, openness,and clarity, they cover the basics of how we relate to ourselves and to others when we step into attraction, to dating, to navigating relationships, to love.

A great introduction to useful models for understanding relationships better and strategies for having healthier interactions with different people.

A very supportive and safe space to learn more about relationships and bonds between people, and behavioural strategies for managing the different states we find ourselves in.

Your Facilitators

About Eshana Spiers

Eshana is a Psychosexual Somatics Coach working with both adults and young people in a variety of community settings. She first became fascinated by the hormonal impact of falling in love when working with teenagers involved with Children’s Services. She designed interactive workshops to help them understand how their behaviours and emotions were influenced by these hormonal shifts. Fast forward a few more years and Eshana learnt more about the nervous system and how important resourcing and safety are in everyday life, but particularly when we begin relating with new potential loves. This fusion of experience and understanding, alongside her own love adventures create a potent container to explore who you are, in love and in life.

About Nicola Foster

Nicola is a relationship and intimacy therapist and teacher. She began learning about love and relationships with Jan Day in 2011 and this journey led her to escape her corporate job and qualify as a sex and relationship therapist supports couples and individuals with intimacy. Her mission is to help men and women create, repair and deepen their intimate relationships. Nicola says “When I first began learning about relationships with Jan I had very little idea about how to be relational. I was wrapped up in my own fears, judgments, prejudices and doubts. As I experimented with dating and being more conscious in my relationship choices, I learned to see the unique differences and beautiful qualities in others and to how to be more present. I also found greater self-acceptance. I now love to help others to find more self-esteem, confidence and joy in all their relationships.”