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The Art and Science of Falling In Love is a series of three online evening workshops exploring how our nervous system, attachment styles and hormones affect us when it comes to dating and relating.

9th, 16th and 23rd February
7.30pm – 9.30pm

£95 for all 3 workshops

£65 Super Earlybird (ends Dec 31st)

Payment plan £50 now, £50 by Feb 1st

If you are unwaged or on a low income there are some concessionary places available, please contact to apply.

Love is mysterious and at times doesn’t make sense and dating is often a wild ride. The highs of a potential great match. The lows of an unexpected rejection. The anticipation. The not knowing. The disappointments. The adventures.

Over the course of three evenings, Sex and Relationship teachers Nicola and Eshana will take you on a journey of discovery into the fascinating science that happens when we meet and connect to another person. You will be invited to explore what your nervous system needs to feel safe and empowered in dating. You’ll have opportunities to explore patterns and discover how you can expand your possibilities with new awareness. Once you have this awareness, it then becomes an ‘art’ to step towards someone with a curious and open heart.

In this workshop series you’ll learn all about how our hormones and our nervous system drive our dating experience. We will also journey together into some embodied practices for soothing self and co-regulation.

Join us and:

🟣 Learn to trust yourself more – to be more fully human

🟣 Allow yourself to see your patterns with compassion

🟣 Learn to enjoy dating more fully so that you can feel empowered and confident

🟣 Discover your unique flavour of artful relating

🟣 Connect and explore with a group of open-hearted people

The Art and Science of Falling In Love is a journey to discover a deeper relationship with who you are when you’re dating. Each workshop will include some movement, guided structures, sharing and personal reflection.

We invite you to join us this and awaken to your full potential!

Week One: The science of how we love
Week Two: The awareness of who you are in love
Week Three: The art of living love

🟣 About Eshana

Eshana is a Psychosexual Somatics Coach working with both adults and young people in a variety of community settings. She first became fascinated by the hormonal impact of falling in love when working with teenagers involved with Children’s Services. She designed interactive workshops to help them understand how their behaviours and emotions were influenced by these hormonal shifts. Fast forward a few more years and Eshana learnt more about the nervous system and how important resourcing and safety are in everyday life, but particularly when we begin relating with new potential loves. This fusion of experience and understanding, alongside her own love adventures create a potent container to explore who you are, in love and in life.

🟣 About Nicola

Nicola is a relationship and intimacy therapist and teacher. She began learning about love and relationships with Jan Day in 2011 and this journey led her to escape her corporate job and qualify as a sex and relationship therapist supports couples and individuals with intimacy. Her mission is to help men and women create, repair and deepen their intimate relationships. Nicola says “When I first began learning about relationships with Jan I had very little idea about how to be relational. I was wrapped up in my own fears, judgments, prejudices and doubts. As I experimented with dating and being more conscious in my relationship choices, I learned to see the unique differences and beautiful qualities in others and to how to be more present. I also found greater self-acceptance. I now love to help others to find more self-esteem, confidence and joy in all their relationships.”

What people say about working with Eshana:

“It was a joy to work with Eshana, she brings a beautiful balance of deep listening skills, thoughtful responses and a wealth of knowledge”

“I loved your enthusiasm, dynamism and humour. The workshop was really interesting and attention grabbing”

“You held the space so beautifully, softly and clearly and even when I felt at my edges, I could stay more peacefully within them.”

What people say about working with Nicola:

“Nicola is an excellent facilitator. She creates a very safe and supportive place.”

“Nicola holds space with deep presence, sincerity and love.”

“Nicola provided a beautiful space and I immediately felt relaxed and welcomed. It felt a safe place to explore. Thank you for a beautiful and worthwhile day.”

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