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It is common for women and people that bleed to struggle at ovulation.

Our inner summer is when our hormones are at it’s peak and our energy at it’s fullest, we are plump for life, our libido is likely to be higher and our sexual juices flowing. On a basic biological level, this is so that we can attract a mate and create babies…. it’s evolution baby!

The framework of menstrual cycle awareness acknowledges how this potent summer energy can be channelled in other directions regardless of whether you are on the path of motherhood or not. It encourages you to tap into your innate fullness and direct it into creative projects, into your career, your passions or simply whatever brings you joy.

So if you are a person that has lost thier way in life, forgotten or hasn’t yet found thier purpose, then ovulation can be an emotionally charged time. Being filled with this life-force energy of creation and nowhere to channel it can be quite a distressing feeling. Believe me, I’ve been there and it sucks!!

The first thing to support this process is to notice it and bring as much compassion and love to the parts of you that are hurting. You can journal your feelings, and/or speak to a loved one, therapist or coach so that you can process and make sense of how you’re feeling.

If you feel inspired to utilise some of your summer energy, then step towards one thing that brings you joy, that brings nourishment to your system, something that helps you feel alive. This could be a walk in nature, singing, dancing, connecting with friends, creating in the kitchen, making art, taking pleasure from eating a succulent grapefruit is a favourite of mine.

Holding yourself in the discomfort whilst also allowing space for pleasure, nurture and aliveness will help strengthen and ease your system.

You’ve got this sista


Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

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