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One of the many aspects that I love about The Red Schools framework of menstruation is the 5 chambers/phases that happen during the inner winter or time of your bleed. 5 very distinct qualities emerge, once you get a sense of them, the seeing and experiencing of them becomes quite magical.

The past few cycles I have been switched on to the ‘Chamber of Separation’. It occurs around day 26 of my cycle. I have a strong need to completely detach from all connection to others. A couple of months ago, I needed to physically remove myself from the room of my friends. This past month I needed to disconnect from my Beloved. The disconnect is in preparation to dive deeply into ourselves as we begin to bleed. It’s beyond a conscious choice, it’s an innate impulse to go within.

This is the juicy part of seeing how menstrual cycle awareness can impact not only ourselves but our relationships.It is great for me to notice this pattern and be able to express what I need. Normally by doing it ‘messily’ a couple of times before spotting the pattern in action.

In recognising my need to separate, what impact does that need then have on my partner or friendships? How do they process thier stuff around my need to step back? How can it be communicated in a kind and loving way?

Once the dialogue has opened up then there becomes a framework to navigate it all and to be held within the bigger context of the menstrual cycle working its magic.

It’s pretty bloody cool, huh? Pun absolutely intended.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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