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All You Need Is Love

My heart has just exploded after my old boss rang me out of the blue wishing me well for my trip. What was so wonderful is he had the most lovely…
Eshana Spiers
October 29, 2015

My Weekend

Expression . Movement . Eye contact . Connection . Body . Being seen . Receiving love . Boundaries . Touch . Reflection . Energy . Tears . Beauty . Feminine…
Eshana Spiers
October 7, 2015

Stop and Look Around

I seem to be appreciating things so much more because I know that I am leaving. This holds all kinds of irony because part of my motivation to go travelling was…
Eshana Spiers
September 28, 2015

We Create Our Own Reality

Our thoughts create our reality. Our perspective impacts how we internalise external situations. Our thoughts determine how we act, respond and behave. Imagine that our thoughts were like a metaphorical glitter…
Eshana Spiers
June 29, 2015