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I’m talking about periods again, period.

I like observing patterns and realised that for the past 3 months I have really struggled with PMT, mainly to do with my mood and negative thought patterns. Literally a day in to my period and the thick heavy cloud that has been bogging me down for the past week completely disappears. So I did a bit of research and felt like palm slapping my forehead when I realised that I’m not getting some of the vitamins that my body needs to feel in balance as I had stopped eating meat and drinking milk. I scrolled through various websites and discovered that calcium, magnesium and b vitamins help to relieve symptoms of PMT. I ordered some vitamins and have enjoyed finding out which vegetables contain what vitamins and adjusting my diet accordingly. I’m feeling pretty good, the proof will be in the pudding in about a week when I head in to the luteal phase of my cycle. Luteal, I hear you say? Come with me friends and let me introduce you to my new favourite Goddess…The Period Coach (as recommended by a wonderful friend).

The image on this blog post was created by Stasha aka The Period Coach. The website has a wealth of information about how to tap in to your menstrual cycle, when is a good time to chill at home and look inward or harness your energy by making plans and socialising. She has created a bunch of resources to help you reflect on how your body and mind feel throughout your cycle as well as observing the moon’s impact throughout the month too. She also has a Facebook group that you might like to check out.

I enjoyed listening to this podcast which I found on her website. Stasha is being interviewed by Veronica Grant on Date Yourself Radio, that name made me chuckle – I’m going to date myself more often.  In the interview Stasha gives a great explanation of the different phases of your cycle. She also talks about birth control, menopause and women that do not have periods.



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