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I was reflecting this morning on how a year ago I so deeply wanted more support and holding in my life. Right now I have:

💫 A bloody brilliant psychotherapist that really meets me in the energetic, physical, spiritual, early developmental patterns kinda way! I’m so lucky!!

💫 A great supervisor that has championed my growth over the past few years. Held the wobbles, held the pole of success with me.

💫 A fabulous mentor for Belly2Belly supporting me to become a deeper, even more magical facilitator.

💫 An amazing housemate that offers snuggles, wisdom, challenge and chocolate.

💫 A totally scrumptious lover that meets me in the vast spaciousness of beingness.

💫 Inspiring people that I collaborate with, that I learn from and open to bigger possibilities with.

💫 Individual friends that share love, acceptance and kindness.

💫 An exercise and eating programme that helps me to feel like a powerhouse and totally delicious in my body.

So bloomin abundant in support.

My deep painful longing for community, to be part of a group in a way that I’ve known in the past has softened a little, as I recognise how privileged and blessed I am to be held and supported by the individuals in my life.

Thank goodness that the seeds of my intention have flowered so vibrantly.

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