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6 weeks I’ve been home and my roots are re-planted, my branches are strong and my smile is blossoming. The mountains I fell so deeply in love with become a distant memory, my tan starts to fade and my travelling glow softens. I find myself back in the heart of Dorking. My new room is a loft conversion with gorgeous views over looking Box Hill, I love this place that I call home. My friends and family have been spoiling me with hugs and words of love and affection, making me sparkle from the outside in. I’ve been gliding my way back in to routine, running through woodland, stretching my body and eating home cooked food. I’ve started my new job which feels so incredibly aligned to where I should be right now. A fusion of past experiences, interests and passions join together as I walk through the front door of familiarity alongside new anticipation. I see the job of working with young people through fresh eyes, new enthusiasm and a hearty understanding of myself and others. I’m excited by the prospect of being a different practitioner to the lost little girl I was before, striving and pushing myself to find a place in the world in order to be seen. I carry Little Lesley inside with grace, tuned in to her wants and desires, listening, flowing through vulnerabilities and responding with nurture and growth. All of this feels like home and it’s all a bit delicious!

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