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You might have noticed that I have become a little bit obsessed with my new offering of Belly2Belly a relational breathing meditation that was created by David Cates. I did the training back in November and am being richly mentored by Rachel Rickards.

Since I started offering Belly2Belly, every single workshop has sold out, that’s such a testament to how deeply profound this practice is, how magical ‘Alchemy’ is (the space that I offer it in) and of course my own golden sparkly essence that shines through as I guide the group.

I am so touched by the reflections that a participant shared after attending several workshops with me, expressing the impact that Belly2Belly is having on her healing journey with anxious attachment.

To be in a beautiful workshop space, to be able to experience deep intimacy, to be seen, held, and carefully guided within this, and to then come away with the tools to navigate feelings of being with this intimate connection and allowing myself to then disconnect from a person, and experience and be fully present within myself with these feelings, has been so deeply powerful and healing. I have begun to develop more of the non-grasping of both my own feelings and of people, which has been needed and has been so driven by my own fear, and feelings of lack of self-trust. I am now more and more, also allowing the journey of feelings to come and then go, having patience with myself and within this trusting the process more, which leaves me with a feeling of being more empowered, not only with my own emotional process, but also in the choices I am now making in how I connect with people”

Such important work!!!

I’ve got heeeeaps of cool Belly2Belly workshops in the pipeline – but for now I’ll share this one:

Sunday 14th April in West Hampstead (they are close to selling out).

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