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Five years ago, I embarked on a training that had a profound impact on my life. Up until that point I had experienced a few tantra workshops in the UK and in India. They all gave me a completely new way of being with myself, I had my first experience of bliss through physical touch and I felt a depth of connection that my heart had previously yearning for. I wanted more….of course I wanted more!

When I signed up to Jan Day’s 18 month Living Tantra training – I was clear in my mind that I wanted to learn more about myself relationally and I had no idea the huge amount of gold that I would receive along the way. To say that the training changed my life isĀ  an understatement.

The biggest impact for me, was that through conscious loving touch, my traumatised body felt safe enough to come out of freeze. As a result, I experienced a whole new level of connection with life, with my body, with nature, with my relationships, with my sexuality. This reconnection to my life force energy lead me to leave my career and place relationships, sex and intimacy at the core of what I offer in the world. I am now a full time self employed Psychosexual Coach for adults, I teach Sex Education in schools and run cuddle workshops for adults in London and Brighton.

So, I am delighted (another understatement) to be co-delivering an Introduction to Living Tantra in Bristol this October, supporting my dear friend and colleague Ed Rooke. This introductory day invites you to say hello to and welcome all that you feel in this physical body. It is a gentle and playful introduction into the realm of Living Tantra; into being alive in your feelings, including feeling your natural desires, exploring your boundaries and learning to voice them, expressing your wants and needs, learning to ask for what you want, discovering different types of touch and loving yourself more fully.

Check out the videos below if you want to witness some parts of my Living Tantra journey – including my moment of spiritual awakening, unpacking relational dynamics, coming home into self love, the YES girl becoming the NO woman….and of course….a name change from Lesley to Eshana.

If you want an introduction to the incredible Living Tantra Training then join Ed and I on 28th October in Bristol. To book visit – www.EdRooke/IntroLT

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