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I went to see this last night. I cried at the end.

I have this fire in me, these glowing embers that know the importance of what it means to come home to the innocence of our s.xuality.

Our s.exual energy, our life force is our essence, our vibrancy, our creativity, our aliveness.

I passionately believe that all humans would benefit from exploring and experientially understanding what it means to be a s.xual being. To feel what pleasure is in the body. To witness the ripples that happen when you give yourself permission to have desires. To open your heart to the deepest vulnerability that can arise in intimacy; fear, grief, wildness, ecstasy, stillness, LOVE.

This is the delicious bread and butter of my work, the golden thread that runs through the projects that I create and say YES to.

I totally recommend that you watch the film and see how you too can come home to yourself with love, deep desire and passion. ❤️

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