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I’m sat in an ashram with over a 1000 other people from all over the world. It’s 10am, the air is warm and the atmosphere is thick. I rise to my feet to welcome Mooji into the space to start the satsang – a question and answer session. This is my 3rd satsang with Mooji, he invites us to close our eyes.

Imagine that you put everything to one side for just a moment.  All the things that you’ve internalised,  that you’ve been conditioned to think and feel. Imagine that you strip away your identity and your identification with your body. Imagine that you step aside from the story you hold of who you think you are…

What is left?

In this empty space,  what is left is your true self. Consciousness.

Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I experience the most profound moment of my life. The amusement doesn’t pass me by that I came to India and literally found myself.

Sitting in the still silence of my empty space my world expands,  I’m flooded with freedom and a huge sense of strength. This is the place that connects me with you, with nature,  with animals, with God. For we are not all separate beings, we are one limitless expansive consciousness. We are one. My mind is quiet as I’m swept up in this beautiful calm sweet feeling. This place is everything and it is nothing. It feels like the strongest foundation to have etched in my being. Everything is okay here, nothing is missing,  no need for searching,  I am complete.

A big part of my personal development has been about observing my thoughts and behaviours. Connecting to the source of why I do things. So it blows my mind to have an invitation to connect with the observer – who is this bearing witness to all this life happening stuff? It’s simple but as soon as I attach my thinking too much it seems so complex. But when I return to a medatitive space and strip everything back, I get back to the source.


Whilst in Rishikesh I went on to attend 6 of Mooji’s satsangs. Not only is this place stunningly located it also had so much on offer. I did a 3 day tantra workshop and a family constellation workshop. I drank delicious ginger lemon tea overlooking the Ganga most days. I felt like a proper hippie and sang mantras with yogis lighting fires to praise the gods. It was also the first time I got food poisoning so spent 48hrs in bed. My body had a lot of purging to do, letting go of the old and leaving space for the new. Rishikesh I love you.


Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash


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