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I feel shit, I feel more than shit, I’ll go as far as using the d word….I’ve been feeling pretty depressed for a while now with a hearty side order of anxious. I’ve hung out with friends, played with my band, bought a new car, had my hair cut, been to a festival, been for a run, stopped being on my period and still I just feel shit. Post travelling blues…possibly? The consequence of lots of changes…maybe? Some cosmic fuckery going on…perhaps.

So it’s alright to stew in the crap, to feel sorry for yourself, to have a big cry, to gouge on chocolate, to get completely drunk, to eat a whole tub of pringles in one go, to cause arguments, to change plans, to not answer the phone.

But maybe it’s time to stop resisting the energy drain, masking the energy pain and stop staring blankly into the existential buggeryness of life and relax.

Depression is a dick a big flashing sign above my head inviting me to reflect on what needs to change. It’s time to go right back to the beginning. Eat healthy, exercise healthy, be around good energy people. Speak loving affirmations to myself, set mini achievable intentions for myself, be kind to myself, love myself.

Time to get my shiny spectacular back on.

Photo by Malicki M Beser on Unsplash

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