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13 years ago, I sat opposite Cecilia, a Sex and Relationship therapist. I was shut down, libido vanished, desire out of the window. I was disconnected from my body, my heart, my sexuality. The process was deep and helped me get to the core of what was happening to me individually and relationally. This is where I decided that I wanted to be a therapist.

On 1st September 2013, I rocked up at Metanoia to begin a 5 year MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy. Little did I know that this was the exact training that Cecila completed and so she was eligable to be my therapist.

As the course and my therapy journey unfolded, it was clear to me that I was not ready to be a therapist. It was the first time I had properly opened pandoras box of my past and I had some serious shit to sort out. I completed the first year of the course but continued having therapy for 2 years.

Over the course of the next 10 years I completed an 18 month tantra training which reframed what sexuality was for me, showed me what intimacy actually was and invited me into my body for the first time. It took me waaaay deeper than any psychotherapy training could ever take me. I also completed a Psychosexual Somatics Coaching training and have been successfully up and running in my private practice for the past couple of years. As well as heaps of sex education delivery in schools. It has been a rich 10 years. And of course, my own love adventures thrown into the mix over this time.

Yep, I’d say that I’m now ready to be a therapist.

I found out yesterday that I have been accepted on to a 2 year Clinical Sexology training to be a Sex and Relationship Therapist. Fast tracking the foundation year, thanks to my badass shit sorting and life/training experience. Hurrah.

So I’ll rock up to CICS (Contemporary Institute for Clinical Sexology) exactly 10 years to the day, of when I showed up at Metanoia.

Oh life, loving you so much, the twists and turns and loving patience and compassion that I give to myself. Celebrating me, celebrating life, celebrating the innocence and power of sexuality.


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