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I love the learning that I experience through facilitation. Yesterday the gold was in the power of no. As a side note, I’m super premenstrual which is allllllll about saying NO, slowing down, being still.

When I run cuddle workshops I have a plan, which often gets thrown out of the window when I feel what the group actually needs from the space and each other.

It’s incredibly important for me to offer a space where people have choice, that they know that the exercises I present are simply an opportunity to take part if they want. What I love is when people need to sit out, lay down and rest instead of interacting, sit with the sun on their face instead of chatting. Saying no to the exercise and yes to themselves. Saying no to the doing and yes to the being. Saying no to overriding and yes to the courageous truth of their body and heart.

Something real emerges, makes me step up as a facilitator and be with what is alive and present rather than relying on a pre-prepared script. I’m learning and growing, rooting more and holding my different parts, trusting my nervous system, trusting people’s individual process that contributes to the group in it’s wholeness.

Grateful to the powerful teachings of No.

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