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In this moment my heart would like to hear…..?

How often do we receive another person’s full presence and willingness to hear the stirrings of our heart? Connecting to our yearnings, our struggles, our disconnection, our joy and being witnessed in it. No fixing or changing, simply seeing and hearing.

This is how my cuddle workshops begin. Connecting to the truth of our hearts, the truth of what it means to be human in each moment.

And from this place, if physical connection is wanted then a gentle mix of structured exercises are suggested, to dip in and out of at your own pace and choice. Exercises that relax the body, sweetly soften the mind, bringing our nervous system into a place of parasympathetic rest.

Physical connection might be an edge for you and we so we have trauma informed assistants to hold you in your experience whether that is bliss or if trickier emotions arise.

I have 2 cuddle workshops coming up this month.

1 this Sunday in West Hampstead

1 the following Sunday in Hove

Sending love from my heart to yours 🧡

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