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“Your sexuality is the foundation of who you are – the low hum undercurrent of being alive” – Kimblerly Ann Johnson.

How does it feel to read that statement?

5 years ago me wouldn’t have agreed with it. She believed that her sexuality was something she “did” with another person.

She didn’t realise that the vastness of sexuality was more about a connection with herself, her body, her emotions and energy body. A connection with nature, with the grand oak tree and the ocean and sea.

She didn’t yet know that an intimacy with herself, would open up a connection with God/universe/source energy that resides in everything.

She didn’t realise that the potency of sexuality begins in the subtle, in the slowing down, in presence, in the breath, in sensation, in the noticing of her inner and outer worlds, of the permission to explore and be free of shame.

She wasn’t aware of the need for safety and boundaries, understanding her yes and her no and communicating what she desires and what her heart deeply longs for.

She had never been initiated into the innocence of her sexuality.

Her emerging adult sexual self was patiently waiting as she invested time to explore and experience what her sexuality really meant OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

Sexuality is vast and unique for each person and it’s my passion to support people to connect with the inherent aliveness within us all.

Supporting you to connect to your adult sexual self, rooted to the power and wisdom of your womb, softness of your heart and absolute majesty and wholeness of who you really are.

Photo by Simone Dalmeri on Unsplash