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I’m enjoying spending time with different people and inviting them to notice what is bringing them pleasure in this moment.

I’ve been so nourished by the responses, whether it is a physical sensation like feeling the warmth from the bonfire kissing their skin, or feeling emotionally connected to the group, or being surrounded by the beauty of nature, or tasting the succulent fruit in their mouth, or feeling the goosebumps down the back of their neck from hearing beautiful singing.

Pleasure is healing. The more we can bring our awareness to pleasure, the more we can expand our capacity for aliveness in our body, for joy and connection. It’s a great way of bringing mindfulness to our day and to continue on the path of embodiment.

Pleasure resides in the body and mirrors the connection that we have with ourselves and others. Can you really give yourself full permission to experience pleasure? To experience the sensations that ripple through your body? To wholeheartedly believe that you deserve all of the juicy good stuff?

You won’t be alone if the answer to that is a no. We’ve been culturally shamed to have and want pleasure and to get what we want. Or we’ve become so disconnected and numb that we are unable to feel pleasure in the body. Or we’ve been traumatised and so feel unsafe to be in our body and feel. Pleasure can be scary.

Through my work as a Psychosexual Somatics coach, I can support you to discover what is blocking you from experiencing pleasure and aliveness in your body. It starts with giving yourself permission to have a full YES to feeling and a full YES pleasure. Then your body will hear this glorious badass declaration and will begin to open and experience pleasure in the most subtle moments and movements in a way that your system will be able to welcome and easily digest.

You are so deserving of feeling alive and vibrant in your own skin and experiencing the embodiment of pleasure. We are pleasure beings and there is SO much pleasure to be had.


Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

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