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The light and shadow of sexuality
Sex can hold our greatest potential and also magnify the tenderness of our hearts and wounding.
The light being our capacity for expansive heart and s.x connection, bodies vibrating with pleasure, deep blissful union with Yourself, Your beloved and Spirit.
The shadow being all of the ways that we use sex and sexual energy to fulfil our unmet needs for love, connection, comfort, safety and validation.
I’ve been in both camps for sure!!
How to navigate this terrain of light and shadow?
In my work as a Psychosexual Somatics Coach, I support you to understand what the relationship is with your sexuality. How your past experiences could be influencing how you show up in your sexuality, intimacy and relating. It is a process of building your resources to be with your emotions, to occupy your body and to regulate your nervous system so that you can have a deeper connection with yourself and others. It is a slow, gentle and trauma informed process.
It all starts with a 90 minute Sexual History Assessment where we start to unravel your relating patterns. This is where the light bulb moments begin to happen and the seeds of change are planted.
I am offering a discounted rate during April of £30 for the initial session.
If you’re curious, you can book in for a free 20 minute call where we can explore your s.x and intimacy challenges so that you can step towards the connection and intimacy that you deeply long for.

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