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2 years Eshana,

What an epic path that’s unfolding….

How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart :

Breathe – the path of the heart takes great courage, breathe into the edges, soften your body, feel into your heart, front and back.

Slow down – experience your aliveness, witness your inner movements, notice which parts are driving your body and influencing your longings.

Open and surrender – gift yourself with the experience of feeling your humanity. Feeling your joy, your pain, your strength, your tenderness. Allowing your heart to be cracked open by life again, again, again and again. Take pleasure in your tears, your rage, your laughter.

Self intimacy – get to know yourself so well that when your heart calls, it’s impossible to ignore it. Cultivate a loving relationship with your body, know when and how you open and contract. Enjoy the exquisite pleasure that our bodies can offer us.

Community – know your wholeness as an individual and also know that the greatest healing happens when we are in connection with others.

And of course, a whole heap of love beaming in all directions 🧡

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