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Woooooow 2022 – what an adventure. This was a huge year for me professionally….

🌟I taught consent workshops at Cambridge University

🌟I taught counselling students about s.ex and the menstrual cycle

🌟I ran an epic young mens group around the themes of s.exual harassment, consent and boundaries

🌟I did a cuddle workshop facilitator training in the Netherlands

🌟I ran many magical snuggles workshops in Forest Row, West Hampstead, Rumble Festival, Into the Wild Festival, Girls Like Bass in Brighton and Earth Spirit just outside Glastonbury

🌟My coaching practice expanded

🌟Got totally inspired by 2 books “S.ex When You Don’t Feel Like It” by Cyndi Darnell and “Compulsive S.exual Behaviours” by Silva Neves. Both of which have totally enriched my coaching practice.

It wasn’t all work, work, work

🦋I had the most epic golden 40th birthday celebration

🦋I did my first gig in about 5 years

🦋I discovered a love for wearing a fox’s tail

🦋I rock a gold sequined jumpsuit

🦋I fell in love with picking blackberries

🦋I attended an Embodied Intimacy weekend and met some wonderful new friends

🦋I fell in love, twice

And I didn’t ‘plan’ for pretty much any of that. All opportunities that bobbed to the surface as I richly stayed open to the unfolding of life.

There were some monumental shitters that also happened including

🍑 leaving a job

🍑 getting covid

🍑 relationship ending

🍑 putting on a stone in weight…ooopsie

But fuck it. Holding all of that in balance still feels like a pretty wonderful year.

And what of 2023….

🥳more workshops including a young mens sex education course in London, a women’s snuggles event with live music, and new workshops with more of a sensual feel.

🎉more psychosexual coaching

🥳more gold sequins and sparklyness

🎉more spaciousness for the magic to unfold.

Hopefully some stillness. Most likely a bunch of neurosis. Much chocolate eaten. Lots of laughter and many tears. A group of amazing friendlings to walk alongside and hold me in it all. And of course….. you marvellous lot, reading this now. Thank you for being with me.

Big hearty love to you as we crossover into 2023.

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