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It can be quite a wild ride can’t it, whether you’re dating, in a new relationship or been with someone for years. There will always be stuff that emerges from our past, which rises to the surface for us to heal. Relating can be a real catalyst for growth, if we let it and have the support mechanisms in place to work with it.

What is exciting me most in my coaching work at the moment, is working with women that have come to a point in their life where they simply don’t want to experience sex and intimacy in the same way anymore. They recognise that they have been overriding their boundaries to please others, their body feels shut down and there is confusion – who actually am I as an adult sexual being?

This is where the juicy bit starts, who do you want to be as a sexual being? Gently and slowly I support them to step into the embodied sexual self that they desire, working on the blocks and beliefs getting in the way. Creating safety in multiple ways to support the body to come back online and open when she feels ready to. Such powerful work. I bloomin love love LOVE it.

You can work with me one2one and/or me and the fabulous Nicola Foster are running ‘The Art and Science of Falling in Love’ in February, which touches on some of the themes that I mentioned above. Early bird price £65 until December 31st. Tickets can be booked through Workshop Angel here.

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