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Become a master of your nervous system. Learning how you show up in each part of your nervous system can be such a game changer (connection, fawning, fight, flight, freeze, collapse, dissociate). It can guide you to rest, to burn off some steam, to hibernate. It can influence if you want to be in connection or to stay cocooned in protection. So much richness to be learnt simply by tuning into your thoughts, your body and your behaviours.
It’s particularly useful in sexuality. Imagine that each area of your nervous system has a volume button that you can turn up and down. If you’re in a freeze state during intimacy, turning the volume up on gentle movement can regulate your system. If you’re in a cosmic bliss state aka dissociated, turning the volume up on body sensation can support you to come into embodied bliss. If you’re full of wild untamed energy, how can you turn the volume up on your exhale and sounding to spread and discharge the life force flowing through you.
Wanna know more?
🌟 Im running Cosy Sunday Snuggles for Connection and Nervous System Health on 16th January where you can get to know more about fawning and camouflaging with a hearty dose of shnuggles.
🌟If you’re a woman or vulva owner and want to explore your sexuality and sensuality. Me and the fabulous Rachel May will be running ‘Sisters of Eros’ on 26th February in London. A temple space for women in collaboration with Ritual ErosΒ 
🌟 You can work with me one2one with my Psychosexual Somatics Coaching.
🌟 I run menstrual cycle workshops with a sprinkle of nervous system education blended in. I’m offering an Enchanted Cycles workshop in someones home next month for a group of fab women – hurrah… Running a workshop in a workplace, delivering sessions for men, offering sessions for young people. Ive previously ran a workshop for people on an exercise and diet plan. Basically I can super easily and magically tailor a menstrual cycle workshop to suit most people.

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