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I see myself as a fairly gentle person, an easy going people pleasing type. I get frustrated, irritable, annoyed and upset but never really angry. This has been part of my discussions in therapy this week – I have been reflecting on how I probably turn my anger inwards and how it manifests itself in other ways. I am yet to discover that golden nugget of awareness but what I have noticed recently is that I absolutely love sprinting. It feels like such an incredible powerful release of energy unlike anything else I do in my life. It feels primal, it feels aggressive, it feels like I leave nice lovely Lesley to one side and unleash another part of myself that doesn’t get permission to surface very often. So I went along to running club tonight with a set intention of channelling any stored up aggression I may be experiencing and just went for it. Sprinting is powerful, raw, focussed, challenging, energising, strengthening and just bloody well amazing.


Photo by Malicki M Beser on Unsplash

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