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Our thoughts create our reality.

Our perspective impacts how we internalise external situations.

Our thoughts determine how we act, respond and behave.

Imagine that our thoughts were like a metaphorical glitter ball. When you over think situations the ball is shaken up and down and hundreds of tiny grains go whirling around in your mind.

With so much movement happening it is difficult to focus, the more you pay attention to thoughts racing around the more they can become magnified.

If you realise that actually the ball is in your hand and you are the one shaking it – then what could an alternative be?

Put the ball down and watch the glitter dust settle. Observe your thoughts slowing down and your mind begin to calm. Placing the ball down and observing your thoughts settle allows space for a new reality.

We create our own reality.


Inspired by a Resilience and Wellbeing training course lead by Peter Taylor.


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