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After my marathon I did no running at all for about 6 weeks. My first run back was pretty hellish, I was really out of breath, wheezing and felt crappy. I had convinced myself that I had completely lost my fitness since the race and had accepted that I was back to square one and would need to build up again.

Tonight I went out with running club and when I heard that we would be running 6.5 miles I had a mini panic. I’m gonna really struggle I thought, this is gonna be a nightmare, oh bugger. I absolutely amazed myself that we completed just under 7 miles, it was mega hilly and I felt great throughout. Amazing!! I kept thinking:

You can do more than your mind allows you to think.

Your thoughts are so incredibly powerful, they can lift you up and they can also squash any potential you may have. Tonight was a beautiful reminder that limiting beliefs can so easily creep in to your mindset and that I have more power than I sometimes let myself believe. What a lovely gift on a Tuesday evening.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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