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In Psychosexual Somatics (PST for short) we believe that all sexual challenges have an underlying emotional root cause. It is only by addressing both the mind, emotions and the body, and by re-regulating the nervous system, that issues can be fully resolved. Therefore, PST is not so much about learning fancy quick tricks to become orgasmic or to last for hours in your love-making.

What PST is about is supporting you to explore your sexuality; to understand how your past could be impacting your present, how your ability to hold boundaries could be impacting your body, how your nervous system could be impacting your sense of safety.

PST is about gently increasing your capacity to be in your body and feel, whilst learning to lovingly be with all aspects of yourself. The process involves getting in touch with your emotional landscape in a slow and safe way so that you can gently begin to open and experience your vibrancy, power and the life-force that fuels your sexuality.

PST can help if you experience any of the following:

  • You’d like to understand yourself and your sexuality more deeply
  • You’d like to become more embodied
  • You’d like to give yourself permission to be a confident sexual being – however that may look for you
  • You experience a lack of desire and arousal
  • You struggle with intimacy
  • You experience sexual shame
  • You have shut down your sexuality
  • Your body image is negatively impacting your sexuality
  • You find it difficult to identify, express and maintain boundaries
  • You have had a kundalini / energy awakening and want support to ground and build a positive relationship with your energy
  • You have vaginismus, vulvadynia or other vaginal pain
  • You are unable to have an orgasm
  • You experience erectile challenges
  • You have early ejaculation
  • You have delayed ejaculation
  • You experience performance anxiety
  • You would like support processing the impact of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)


If you are on anti-depressants, have a psychiatric diagnosis or have addictions such as alcohol or recreational drugs then PST is not the best service to support your journey at this time.

There may be other aspects that arise during the assessment which would mean that we are not suitable to work with each other. For example, if there is a strong positive or negative charge between us or if there are other practitioners that can better support you. In which case this will be discussed within the first 2 sessions.

To get the most out of your PST journey, it will be useful to have some experience of dropping into your body and feeling your emotions. PST can involve deep emotional work so if you are not resourced emotionally or physically, then PST is not the right source of support for you at this time .

My intention for your sessions

My guiding intention is to meet you from a heart centred space, to hear you and reflect back the things that need to be seen and expressed. My intention is to support you to build your own inner resources; to regulate your nervous system, to anchor a loving connection with yourself, to become more juicy, embodied and alive, and to strengthen your inner authority and power.

Want to start your PST journey?

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute call to discuss your sex and intimacy challenges – email

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