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In my previous blog, I spoke about the link between my inner critic and unexpressed anger. Earlier today I could feel the build up of chatter in my mind, my inner critic was coming out to play. I tried to not over-identify with this part but as I could feel it gaining momentum, I remembered my previous insight about unexpressed anger being disguised as my inner critic.

So, I took myself off to my car where I knew that no-one can hear or see me and I let out the biggest scream. This was followed by a big deep sob where my back reverberated with the movement of energy. Anger and all emotions are energy in-motion, such a simple statement and yet we can fear the experience of emotions..especially a big one like anger. This was then followed by a body shake. I left my car and went onto my bedroom floor to let the remainder of energy release, more shaking, more tears and then peace, laughter, joy in the realisation that I literally just howled at the moon – a full moon lunar eclipse howl at that!

I’m slightly fascinated by this insight into the inner critic and anger and would love to explore if this is the case for other people. I don’t always think that catharsis is the best medicine, especially if we’re wanting to cultivate a calm nervous system or if there is a lot of trauma in the body. However, it seems for me and my mate anger, that the act of making a deep loud sound to release energy is benefiting my system.

I prescribe myself more howling from now on, with or without a gorgeous full moon illuminating my car.

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