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“Somatic practices engage with our bodies unconscious processes, so we can undo the effects of trauma at the cellular level” –  Caffyn Jesse
I’m half way through an 8 day trauma training and am so frickin excited about the methods I have been learning and putting into practice during my coaching sessions.
There is something profound about sitting in the mystery, slowing down and dropping into stillness. Coming out of the mind and excessive chat and experiencing what the body wants to communicate. A sensation, a movement, a smell, an emotion. By dropping into the body a whole universe of unconscious memories, beliefs and feelings can show themselves, rising to the surface to be felt, seen and processed.
Then one by one, the tiny fragments of our psyche that were fractured along our lifes journey, start to come back together again and a stronger sense of who we REALLY are emerges as we return to our innate wholeness.
It’s a bit like magic glue that helps put us back together again.
It’s slow, deep, wise….and so frickin COOL!
If you are a woman and are experiencing challenges with your sexuality and think that trauma could be at the root then I’d love to hear from you. I offer a free 30 minute consultation to explore how we could work together.
Photo by Max on Unsplash

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