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I found the one.

…and of course, that one is me.

Little Lesley has been directing a lot of energy outwards towards men in order to receive love. In realising this I can re-direct this energy, generate love from within and reclaim my power. I am the one I have been looking for – wahay. I discovered all of this during seminar 4 of my tantra training and since then the universe has put me to the test. Funnily enough I had forgotten this insight (as you do) and Little Lesley had her sights set on a new beautiful man. Luckily I eventually remembered this pattern and was able to redirect this longing back inwards and have a really beautiful open and honest conversation with the man in the process. We all have so much stuff going on when it comes to relating, being courageous and speaking my truth allows these hidden patterns to come out into the light. Yes it is scary and messy and I feel like a massive div and every time – every time I do it, it is hugely transformational. It is quite extraordinary the bodily sensation of reclaiming the energy that I have so easily sent outwards, I’m not sure I have ever felt “in my power” in this way before – all of this energy is mine, all of this love is mine and it is generated by me, inside of me. Magical.

I attended a really powerful workshop lead by Mateo at Colourfest. I was struck by the correlation of the longing that little Lesley has for romantic love and the longing for divine love. I’m curious to see when/if this pattern emerges again, how this experience will be when I hold divine love in my awareness as opposed to an attachment/romantic longing. That’s an exciting enquiry I welcome into my life.

Onwards with my journey of love ♥

Photo by Vanessa Kintaudi on Unsplash

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