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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cosy Sunday Snuggles. Cor blimey, what a year. I started these workshops because so many people are touch deprived and even more so because of the global pandemic. Touch is a basic need for everyone. Connection is a basic need for everyone. As the workshops have developed, so too has my practice as a facilitator, inspiring me to travel to the Netherlands to do a formal training with Wilrieke Sophia – totally moved by how integrity, an awareness of diversity, inclusion and trauma can create communities of transformational change. I now run 2 regular workshops in Forest Row and London and will be up and running with one in Brighton in the new year. As well as some wonderful collaborations cooking away in the background. I’m giving myself a warm pat on the back this morning for allowing the seeds of an idea to come into fruition and making space for life to work her magic, taking me in directions that my mind wouldnt have imagined.
Love and Snuggles

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