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I’m sat at my desk in my bedroom, my eyes are closed and a beautiful soothing female voice is guiding me inwards. She encourages me to take big deep belly breaths in and out…breathing in and release…letting go. This leads into a grounding exercise where my whole being is filled with love and warmth. My shoulders drop, my jaw softens and forehead relaxes. My body is filled with tiny tingles like stars dancing across my skin. The beautiful nurturing voice then introduces me to an exercise where I wrap myself in a bubble that shields me from negative energy. I work with young people and I am like a sponge absorbing all of their ‘stuff’, so it was great to put this into practice over the 6 weeks of healing with the wonderful Lucy Charlotte Brand.

Week two and we dive right in, identifying a safe space in my imagination where some of our work would take place. I am in Nepal, on my own, in the Himalayas. There is a crystal clear river to my left and mountains framing the wide open space that I am standing in the centre of. Little Lesley emerges with Grandad to keep her safe, as does Teenage Lesley and later on in our sessions 20’s Lesley appears. All have messages for me, something they were unable to voice at the time, something they buried within. Lucy invites me to be in dialogue with the different Lesley’s…something I was comfortable and used to doing previously when I was in therapy. We all have childhood wounds stored in our body, the thing I find fascinating is understanding when these wounds are impacting the here and now.

I was struggling with a situation that was making me upset for about a year, resulting in me bursting in to tears, deep deep heart breaking tears. Lucy asked me to close my eyes and scan my body and see if there were any areas where I was holding tension regarding this issue. My womb was on fire and so I shone a light on it, Lucy asked if my womb had a message for me. “I’m undeserving of love” came up. I was floored. I have an awareness of other core beliefs I have internalised from childhood but was not expecting this. My heart was truly broken. I cried for a week. I realised that the tears were Teenage Lesley’s and my body became a vessel for her to cry out her grief of feeling undeserving of love. Then two incredible things happened… I asked Teenage Lesley what she needed and she replied. In that moment I realised that I was projecting my past hurt onto my current upsetting situation. My mind was blown, Teenage Lesley told me exactly what she needed and so I called my Mum, spent some time with her and asked her to tell Teenage Lesley that she loved her. Tears streamed down my face, my mum thought I was nuts but she went along with it, brilliantly expressing her love for me from when I was a baby, a toddler, a teenager and now. Wow. Just wow. I then went to a gorgeous event hosted by Rachel Whitehead where I was able to dance out all of this energy and let it go. So powerful.

The impact of uncovering this core belief had stunning ripples across my life. Around the same time I read a book called Loveability which opened and expanded my heart and connection with myself and others… I was floating on the biggest love cloud EVER!! Transforming my internalised beliefs to fully recognise and feel that I am loveable and deserving of love made me feel invincible, like I could do absolutely anything. I am also reading a book called Getting The Love You Want and discovered John Wineland (amazing guy) all of which have given me a completely new frame on how I view relationships…most importantly the relationship with myself. I’m so incredibly inspired. The past couple of months has been about letting go, surrendering and huge HUGE growth. I love this stuff and massively recommend working with Lucy to help you navigate your inner world, unblock some of those past hurts in order for you to be even more incredible than you already are.

Lucy Brand is a Transformational Coach who serves women Healers, Wellbeing Advocates and Coaches connect to life and blossom in business. If you’re curious and would like to learn more, you can reach out to her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Lucy Charlotte Brand – Transformational Coaching

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