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Today I sat peacefully on a cliff top overlooking the sea with Stretch. He commented on how calming yet powerful the waves were. I love a good cheesy metaphor so said that was how I was feeling right now.

I’ve been reflecting and I’m completely blown away with what I have achieved over the past few years. From marathon running,  changing career, getting healthy,  ending relationships that no longer serve me, moving house and going travelling. I’ve been very busy.

Stretch described a mindfulness technique of imagining waves of the sea washing over you.  As you breath in the tide you soak in positive calming thoughts and on your out breath you let go of any negativity you are carrying.

As he described the process something clicked inside of me that I had anticipated happening at some point on my trip. In that moment I was able to breathe in the weight of the past few years, breathe out and just. let. go.

I cried and I cried on that cliff top overlooking the sea. Letting out all of the experiences and was left with an integrated strength at my core. Peaceful, grateful, enriched and proud.

I’ve talked previously about wanting to reset and recharge my batteries and I feel like I have absolutely done that. The amazing thing is I still have 5 months left of my trip which gives me serious goose bumps at the possibilities ahead of me, the experiences I will absorb and the unknown way I will be impacted by them.

This has been the most incredible life changing year, the best year of my life so far. I have courage and strength etched in my heart and a sense of pride for the vulnerability and messiness I have waded through to get to this point.

The essence of all of this is self love. If you start with love and compassion you create the most beautiful foundation enabling an ocean of possibility. Happy New Year, I hope you have a truly wonderful 2016.

Love yourself, says Buddha, and watch – today, tomorrow, always.

Create loving energy around yourself.  Love your body. Love your mind.  Love your whole mechanism, your whole organism. By ‘love’ is meant, accept it as it is.




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