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Last year was about expansion and understanding the full power of being a woman. This year there has been contraction… nature moving through me, I open and I close. There has been such gold for me in this contracted place. As my external life crumbles out of perfection and into chaos I am faced with the source of my own loveability. Falling into my default core beliefs of unworthiness, unloveable, not enough-ness. I check myself out in this place, curious about how my body feels here, how my emotions are, how my thoughts are. How my automatic ways of being drive me towards the things that will get external love and validation. The awareness brings me choice, I’m at ground zero, I can choose to move forward as I was or build myself up from a very different place. Blossoming out into spring, with gold in my hand and love in my heart and a humble power from this contraction. The light, the shadow both so rich in it’s teachings. An invitation to deeply love myself in the chaos and the perfection – what a wonderfully important initiation this is turning out to be….

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