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Nurturing young people towards healthy relationships

I’m passionate about supporting children and young people to thrive in their relationships.

These are some of the subject areas that I cover in my one2one and group work programmes.








Healthy Relationships

What makes a relationship healthy and unhealthy?

Embodied Consent, Boundaries & Sexual Harassment

Learning how to recognise and express your YES and NO, understanding the signs of enthusiastic consent, how to respond to sexual harassment.

Sexting, the Law and Online Safety

What are the laws around sexting and sharing nudes – how to stay safe and within the law.

Embracing Our Body

How can we learn to love and nurture our body? What might be getting in the way of fully occupying our body?


Learning that it is natural and healthy for our bodies, our minds and sexual experiences to be pleasurable.

The impact of Pornography

How might porn be impacting your body image, your expectations of sex, your experience of relating?

Sexuality and Gender

Understanding the colourful and diverse spectrums of gender and sexuality.

Sexual Health and Contraception

What is a happy healthy sex life? What are the risks of unprotected sex? Where can you access a method of contraception that works best for you?

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Learning the red flags of grooming and exploitative behavious.

Why work with Eshana?

I am a JNC qualified Youth Worker with a BA in Youth and Community Studies. I have over 13 years experience of working with young people for both statutory and voluntary organisations. In this time I have developed a passion for the subject of 'Relationships and Sex Education' (RSE). I have delivered workshops for Cambridge University as well as working for the NHS, Surrey County Council and YMCA delivering RSE in schools. I have managed a sexual health drop in service for young people, distributing condoms, chlamydia screening and pregnancy tests alongside an educative programme of workshops to develop a healthy relationship with their sexuality. In 2021/22 I worked with children and young people that had uploaded indecent images online, who were at risk or had been sexually exploited.