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Dear Sisters

Have you ever experienced the deep magic that unfolds when women gather and their sexuality is welcomed by one another?

Join us for this special evening of sensual erotic connection for women and folk with vulvas*. We will be hosting a space for you to slow down, to breathe and to feel, so that you can embrace the essence of your erotic nature. Meeting each other in the innocence, curiosity and playfulness of your sexuality. Exploring the soft and gentle, the wild and untamed and the juiciness and wonder of fully engorged expansion. This is a real invitation for your heart, sex and soul to merge in the beauty of erotic sensuality. Stepping out of performance mode and claiming the seat of your innate power, through your body, your sensations, your pleasure and arousal.

*This event has been created in response to vulva owning women wanting to explore their sexuality and sensuality with other vulva owners. Therefore, anyone that owns a vulva is welcome to this event.