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Inclusion Statement


I specifically make reference to women in much of my work and recognise that using binary language around gender is problematic. I’ve been on a big personal journey unpacking my own gender identity and gender politics, it is complex, feels like a sensitive topic and I most definitely do not have all of the answers. I wanted to find language that honours my identity as a woman whilst acknowledging that there is a full spectrum of gender identity.

It doesn’t feel inclusive for me to stop using the term ‘woman’ in my work – I absolutely love being a woman, I love my body, my breasts, the fact that I bleed and my mind is blown that I can grow a human life in my womb if I choose to.

I recognise that for some people, being assigned female at birth is not how they choose to identify as later in life. They feel in their hearts and minds that they are not a woman and instead identify as a man, as non binary or are gender fluid. I have compassion for the complex path of claiming your gender identity and the vulnerabilities as well as empowerment this can create across many different aspects of life.

In my sexuality work, I specifically work with women and non binary folk with vulvas.

In my menstrual education work – I speak to women and those that bleed. I recognise and honour the trans men that have a menstrual cycle and the challenges this can cause. I acknowledge the non binary folk that bleed that don’t connect with much of the language that is used in ‘women’s work’. I respect the wholeness of women that do not have a menstrual cycle due to the sacred process of menopause, those that are on hormonal contraception and those that do not bleed due to health reasons,  pregnancy and breast feeding. I also welcome the brothers into the conversation in order to inspire a deeper understanding and connection with the magnificence of the menstrual cycle.

If this resonates with you then I am humbly open to working with you. If you are needing something a little different from what I offer then pop over to my Recommended Practitioners page as there may be someone there that can meet your needs.

In love and service

Eshana (She/Her)

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