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Psychosexual Somatics Coaching

Supporting you to get to the emotional root of your sex and intimacy challenges

How does the

Psychosexual Somatics

process work?

The PST process starts with a 60 – 90 minute Sexual History Assessment where we will start to unravel your relating patterns and beliefs. This is where the light bulb moments begin to happen and the seeds of change are planted. It will also be an opportunity to see if we are the right fit to work with each other.

Individual sessions last 60 minutes and you can expect to attend between 4 – 12 sessions to complete the full PST journey. I hold a boundaried therapeutic space, working at a slow and gentle pace that is trauma informed.

Following the assessment session, the PST process will contain one or more of the following four stages, depending on your needs and suitability.


Cognitive Approach

Awareness of your behaviour patterns, limiting belief systems and emotional issues using a combination of coaching and therapeutic techniques.

Somatic Awareness

Connecting with sensation and emotions in your body through somatic mindfulness and other breathing and embodiment techniques techniques.

Physical Release

Moving somatic and emotional blocks and trauma through embodiment techniques.

Sexual Integration

Helping you to reclaim your sexual energy and notice any remaining resistances to this.

In PST sessions clients remain fully clothed as it is a therapeutic talking space which will involve some embodiment practices. I do not offer touch during our time together, however I will hold space for you to tune into your somatic bodily sensations which is a less invasive yet potent practice.

All sessions are confidential. There are two occasions where I will pass on information:

  • If you share that you are going to physically harm yourself or anyone else. In which case, I will take the appropriate action and disclose the information.
  • I attend monthly supervision where I discuss my case load. All of the client discussions remain anonymous during the supervision. The main purpose of these sessions are for me to receive reflections on my practice so that I can best serve my clients in a safe, boundaried and ethical way.