Held by the Feminine – 9th July – West Hampstead


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Held by the Feminine
Sunday 9th July – 2.30pm – 6pm
Come and join us and experience the deep magic that unfolds when women gather and are held in all that they are.  We will be hosting a space for you to slow down, to breathe and to connect with your heart, body, mind and soul.
Being held in a space with other women can be deeply healing, imprinting a new relationship with our sisters, our mothers, our friends, ourselves.
This workshop will involve solo, partnered and group exercises that invite in physical connection. Choice, boundaries and consent are at the heart of each structure, as well as moving at a slow pace so that you can gently open to the connection that feels true for you.
You will learn skills to relate with authenticity, building trust with your sisters and supporting a deep coming home to yourself, connecting to who you truly are beneath the layers of conditioning and trauma. It will support you to rebuild your inner guidance system, learning the wisdom of your body and the truth of your heart.
This will be a non-sexual space where touch and holding is offered from the heart.
Investment for this workshop
£30 (+£1 booking fee)
If you’re struggling for cash at the moment and have a strong desire to attend, then get in touch and we can explore how to include you.
“I felt very safe and supported throughout and felt connected to such amazing people. I was truly nourished and cocooned in warmth and sweetness.”
“I came away feeling so soft, relaxed and smiley. You held the space so beautifully, softly and clearly and even when I felt at my edges I was able to stay more peacefully with them. It felt really magical and expansive.”
“I really loved the way you ran the workshop and I learnt a lot about boundaries and what consent means to me. Thanks again for an enlightening experience which has felt really transformative in an unexpected way.”
“Last night was a time of wonderful connection, understanding and safety. You lead the group amazingly”
Workshop Facilitator
Eshana is a Cuddle Queen. She started running snuggle spaces after lockdown, in response to the negative impact people were experiencing from not receiving any touch during the pandemic.  She felt so passionate about this that she flew over to the Netherlands to train as a trauma informed cuddle workshop leader. She is now running Cosy Sunday Snuggles in Brighton, Forest Row and West Hampstead. Alongside this she facilitates Psychosexual coaching and workshops for adults and young people in a variety of community settings. Supporting people to engage with life from their hearts, power, sexuality and vulnerability.